My career consisted, between 1980-2001, of several managerial positions in several firms, and form 2011 as autonomy entrepreneur as interim-manager and consultant. Besides that I fulfilled a lot of voluntary functions, related to social governance.

My experience has taught me that being active on a social and artistic level, next to my career, is a fruitful undertaking.

Artistic motivation

For me one of the most important motivations for painting is the challenge of starting with an empty canvas and creating a piece of art out of nothing. This motivation is very similar to my career as entrepreneur in consultancy. A lot of my assignments also start with a blank page and when the assignments progress, it naturally becomes clear what is going on at a company. That is for me very similar to painting. In everything I do, I create a part of myself in what I create. When I paint, I paint a piece of myself in the canvas. I see artfulness as an ability to flow with my life. It is seeing what needs to happen, utilizing the skill sets at my disposal, using my intuition mixed with a joyful passion.

Landscapes, seascapes, leaves, portraits, abstracts, pojects and other types of art, gouaches, point painting

Inspiring Painters: Max Liebermann, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Amando, Herman Brood, Edgar Fernhout, Albert Oost and Kees van Dongen, Picasso, Julien Dupré, Jan Cremer.